Mitsubishi Mirage

2013 - PRESENT

Mitsubishi Mirage

The Mirage is a car designed to be equally at home in congested city streets or narrow country lanes. It can dive in and out of diminutive gaps and slot straight into the smallest of parking spaces with room to open the doors! It is stylish: cool in a rather elegant, understated sort of way, with looks which will last the decade not just the year. It provides superlative fuel consumption and exceptional value. attributes couldn't be more real.



The Mirage was designed from the outset to be economical and eco-friendly, and the result is a car with a kerb weight of just 845kg and an aerodynamic efficiency rating of 0.27 - the same as a Porsche Boxster. Together these two factors define the way the Mirage drives. Combined cycle fuel consumption of up to 68.9mpg andCO2 emissions at 100g/km or less make the whole range exempt from road tax.

But, contrary to what you might expect, it doesn't make the Mirage a dull companion; far from it, in fact. The light weight and exceptional aerodynamics also mean that its eager 3-cylinder engine enables it to hustle along at a very decent rate. Nothing extreme of course, but when pushed through its paces the acceleration leaves a good many, much better known rivals in its dust, whilst the top speed puts well over a dozen major competitors to shame.

Excellent all-round visibility, the tightest turning circle in its class and electric power steering combine to make easy work of manoeuvring, whilst at higher speeds the car steersand handles tidily. The brakes are responsive, the manual gearshift is light, snappy and a pleasure to use,the suspension geared for comfort. Indeed, the sum of thepackage is a car which is both fun and frugal. It's a car which is particularly at home in the town, yet remains safe and predictable when you venture further afield. It's a car which, in today's world, ticks every box.