Mitsubishi Shogun

2015 - PRESENT

Mitsubishi Shogun


The Shogun has been credited with launching a whole new breed of vehicle, but whilst others have set their sights firmly on fashion it retains the bulging biceps and defined six-pack of a car honed for a drive more demanding than the school run. And its honesty continues to win fans: “After the first ten minutes I’m absolutely hooked… the Shogun rocks. I would have one, I really would”; and all this nthusiasm not from a 4x4 or towing publication but from Car magazine.



This is the fourth generation of one of the world’s favourite, most successful and most enduring 4x4s, and it is the strongest, quietest, safest and smartest Shogun ever built. Striking just the right balance between discarding what should be discarded and stubbornly refusing to change what should remain, it both introduced new technologies and built upon breakthroughs from previous models, revising and improving them to create the ultimate, classic 4x4. For example, the Shogun’s highly acclaimed, smart-thinking, INVECS-II automatic transmission, which emulates your own driving style with its gear changes, remained unchanged, but years of experience resulted in many refinements to its bodyshell: the Shogun was the very first authentic off-roader to utilise a monocoque body and it is now stronger and stiffer than ever before, with better front:rear weight distribution, a lower centre of gravity, wider tracks and an improved all-wheel independent suspension system.

Extreme off-road conditions mean water so deep and angles so crazy you would think no car could cope. But the Shogun can, and loves it. Indeed, it’s likely that your nerve will run out long before this Shogun says enough!